Copyright… Too far or not far enough?


Reading the Privacy Policies you encounter in a year would take 76 working days.

As the marketplace is expanding at an increasing rate, and there is an emergence of new social media networking sites this statistic seems very realistic when put in perspective. How many social media accounts do you have alone? Twitter? Tinder? Instagram? Facebook? WordPress? Not to mention downloading the latest update of iTunes every other week, along with all those other media platforms you download.

When agreeing to these terms and conditions, without reading or skimming through at the least you are literally signing away your property to these companies. This is where copyright laws come into play.

When reading through Tinder’s terms of use (and yes I read the whole thing) under their privacy act it is noted that you are allowing Tinder to access and collect information about you and your device including; your mobiles unique ID number, your mobiles geographic location when using the app, your computers IP address, technical information about your device, your preferences and settings and most shocking of all the URL of the last website you visited before logging onto Tinder, and the list goes on.

But are copyright laws getting out of control? The Recovering Fair Use paper gains a further insight into the extent to which copyright laws are heading, including reference to a take-down notice issued to a mother when she uploaded a video of her son bopping to a barely recognisable recording of Prince’s ‘Let’s Go Crazy’.

The introduction of Creative Commons copyright laws, would allow other users to share, reuse and remix materials legally. Tinder would then be allowing users to infringe other accounts more freely, and Tinder, as a company, would be able to access and use your information to an extreme, and worrying extent.


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