None will move forward, if half are held back



Source (Laura Villasenin 2014)

The first wave of feminism was exposed to society in in 1890’s, where after years of protesting, women were granted the right to vote. Since then, gender equality has taken many significant steps forward. However, the term ‘feminist’ is now unwillingly correlated with many false stereotypes – lesbian, man-hater and so on.

On the brink of the 21st century, gender inequality still plays a vital role in society. Feminist movements and activist groups are excessively attempting to break down these inequalities. An example of an innovation helping break these stereotypes and barriers is the Chime for Change movement.

“We focus on using innovative approaches to raise funds and awareness for projects promoting education, health and justice for girls and women” – Chime for Change

International celebrities Beyonce, Frida Giannini and Salma Hayek Pinault are all co-founders of the movement, as well as, international clothing brand Gucci founding the organisation.

The movement helps to empower all women and girls globally, by providing them with successful, influential role models. Chime for Change funds many projects and stories that members of society can donate to. As of June 2013, Chime for Change presented their first ever global concert to highlight global issues regarding the health, education and fair justice for women. On purchasing tickets for this event, a code is given to ticket holders so that they can donate the full value of their ticket to their project of their choice.

downloadSource (Vogue 2013)

1272876_739752516050138_322312232_oSource (Chime for Change Facebook 2013)

This movement will hopefully bridge the remaining gap between men and women in the 21st century, and will provide hope to women and girls internationally who may be underprivileged or live in societies in which gender equality is not regarded as an important issue.

Feminism must be present in the 21st century, and these movements and political and social activists should strive  to create an equality within societies, regarding not only women, but all discrimination prejudices and stereotypes.


One thought on “None will move forward, if half are held back

  1. That is such a powerful video & a really interesting blog post. For years people have been saying “hopefully in the future” we will see change, i definitely think that it is that time now.

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