Get Your Hand Off It!

In the era of technology use being of second nature, multitasking comes hand in hand with the ability to consume technology whilst completing other tasks. People are literally becoming glued to their technology devices, in particular mobile phones, as Spencer states, Australians check their mobile phones on average every 6 and a half minutes, and up to 150 times within a waking day (2013).

This addiction individuals have with their digital devices is literally putting their, and others, lives at risk.

The ‘Get your hand off it’ campaign was designed by Transport for NSW, to make Australians aware of the repercussions their texting and driving habits could potentially have on the lives of themselves and those around them (2014). This campaign was introduced as there is staggering research available via Progressive Online (2014) that tells us using a mobile phone whilst driving can assist in:

  • Risky decision making
  • Slower reaction times
  • Slower and less controlled braking
  • Wandering out of your lane
  • Not being alert of your surroundings

On further investigation, it has been discovered via Transport of NSW, that during the 2010-2011 period, mobile phone usage whilst driving has resulted in:

  • 157 where mobile phone use is a contributing factor
  • 4 fatal crashes
  • 66 injury crashes
  • 87 tow-away crashes

These statistics could potentially be higher as a result of the difficulty in establishing whether mobile phone usage is a contributing factor to crashes (2014).

As a result of these confronting statistics, it is clearly evident why a stance was taken to make individuals aware of the danger mobile phone usage whilst driving could potentially have.

Whether this campaign will be successful in impacting and reducing multitasking, which is of second nature to individuals of a rapidly advancing technology world is a different story…


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